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Picture of the Week!



ABTR Alumnus Gus surveys his domain from his front porch. Pearl is his Queen and deserving of his attention.


Red enjoys being outdoors, playing ball, or playing chase with his foster brother. He's 5 years old.




Meet Brody and May

Newly adopted Bogey (on right) sharing Mom's lap with his Boston sister, Lola

Decker celebrates Cinco de Mayo

"Hey Fynn, is that a real Boston?"

"I dunno Tobie."

ABTR Foster mom, Betsy, gets good-bye kisses from Sadie & Winston as they head to their new home in VA!

The Girls of the Hayes Pack

Max and newly adopted Annabelle running through the yard.


Oscar is a hunka-hunka burning pup waiting for someone to adopt him!

Amazing Grace with her new mom

All the little ABTR doggies are waiting for Santa to come!

Tally waits patiently for Christmas morning..

Many asks Santa for a nice forever home.


The Hayes pack, er, evles will be assisting Santa and expect to be paid in treats, accordingly.


Gus and Adie think they may have spotted Santa.




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